Roger Berry

Born in Chico, California, Berry received an A.B. from Raymond College, University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA. His work stems from an ongoing investigation of the relationship of sculpture to the apparent movement of the sun. Berry has major installations throughout California, including, but not limited to Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Oliver Ranch in Geyserville, Stanford and Walnut Creek. Outside California, his works are found in Bend, Oregon; Houston, Texas; and Victoria, British Columbia. Berry is represented by JayJay Gallery in Sacramento.

Roger Berry

Roger Berry


Roger Berry, Bulldozer



When I was invited to be a part of the Spirit of the Man I knew I wanted to build a new piece to honor Al Voigt. I chose to build Bulldozer because the sculpture has the kind of silent power and toughness that I saw in Al.  I think Al would enjoy this sculpture.

Al was rare as a patron of sculpture.  He stood behind the work literally and figuratively.  He wanted the world to see sculpture. To this end he and Judy created the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation.  The foundation has helped many of us sculptors place our work before the world.

When I first walked around the grove and saw these sculptures I imagined walking there alongside Al, a walk of thoughtful cadence, warmed by Al's wry smile and the twinkle in his eyes.