Michael McGinnis

Born in California, McGinnis received an AA degree in art from Santa Rosa Junior College, a BA in sculpture from Sonoma State University and an MFA in sculpture from the University of Kansas.  He has been an art instructor at Santa Rosa Junior College since 1987 and the Art Gallery Exhibits Specialist for 14 years.  He has created a line of interactive sculptural games called “Perplexus” which has garnered more than 23 awards.

Michael McGinnis

Michael McGinnis


Michael McGinnis, Percorso di Vita

Percorso di Vita

This piece was created as a response to The Spirit of The Man.

The life of an artist is molded and influenced by both internal and external forces.  At times, seminal moments appear, opening doors to different ways of thinking and working.  My sculptures have up until now been for indoor venues, being made of wood, plastics, and metals combined to make kinetic interactive labyrinths.  In direct response to Al Voigt's predilection towards metal as well as outdoor sculpture, I worked to create a piece that not only fits his passion, but to also reflects his life in a way that is universal, and true to my visual parlance.

Persorso DI Vita, or path of life, is a special three-dimensional labyrinth meant to depict the complexity, interconnectedness, and never-ending cycle of life.  There is no beginning or end, only a continuum, which eventually loops upon itself only to begin the journey again.  Although one can discern individual parts assembled into the whole, no part stands alone, or is complete without its related elements.  This one single path, at many times intersected and redirected, reveals a life well-lived, where choices were made and paths defined, yet held to a sphere of influence, individuality, and wholeness.

One can interact with the work by running a finger along the path, or by visually following its route.  If followed back to the initial starting point, all surfaces within the piece will have been traversed.  It is in this process that one truly begins to grasp its interconnected nature.  It is very difficult to take in its entirety, as with the entirety of Al Voigt's life, other than to become fully engaged.

A special thanks to The Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation for including me in this exhibit, and to James Yonts who assisted me in building this piece.