Laura Kimpton/Jeff Schomberg

Kimpton earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute and a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of San Francisco. Her studio work consists of collage, assemblage and encaustic wax montages.  Her works often include words.  LOVE was created  for Burning Man in 2007.  Her co-creator is husband Jeff Schomberg whom she met at Burning Man several years ago.

Schomberg studied 3D Art and Design at Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz. Schomberg is a sculptor, installation artist, and art car builder. He creates large-scale installation pieces as well as functional objects and smaller sculptural pieces. Through these manifestations, he addresses sustainability as he collects artifacts from our throwaway culture and integrates them with steel. Along with wife Laura Kimpton, Schomberg co-created LOVE, exhibited at Burning Man in 2011.

Laura Kimpton & Jeff Schomberg

Laura Kimpton & Jeff Schomberg


Photo by Dominic Egan


Curatorial Statement:

When the decision was made to find large scale Burning Man art for the meadow, we were directed to contact Laura Kimpton and Jeff Schomberg.  They had an impressive collection of large works, but the one that fit with our theme was LOVE.

LOVE was exhibited at Burning Man in 2007.

Paradise Ridge Winery hosts many weddings every year.  The sculpture was strategically placed so that it can be seen from the tasting room.  The brides are in love with LOVE.  It has become such a favorite, that the Winery is purchasing the work for its permanent collection and it will be illuminated.  Love will glow at Paradise Ridge.