Kate E. Black

Born in San Francisco, Black graduated from Bennington College.  In New York City she pursued her art career through multiple media including ceramic sculpture, painting, and glassblowing. She is regionally recognized for her post-modern glass fusion. Her work can be seen in private collections throughout Sonoma County.  Black is also a practicing Anesthesiology physician.

Kate E. Black

Kate E. Black


Kate E. Black, Window Into Beyond

This is a fused glass art piece that resonates with the life of Al Voigt and who he was.  Al was a man and a visionary.  He was always looking deeply into a problem and solving them with intense creativity.  He was always looking ahead to the next idea and invention.  He never stopped with his forward thinking and creations. 

This is a glass piece that is titled, Window Into Beyond.  The opening gives rise to many possibilities beyond and ahead of the window we see.

This was one of Al’s talents and where his brilliance shone always was shining.

This is a tribute to Al and his gifted life.