David Best

Born in San Francisco, Best attended the College of Marin, receiving a BFA, followed by the San Francisco Art Institute where he was awarded an MFA. He first caught the attention of the art world through the 3-4 foot high plaster figures he creates that are then covered with cast porcelain and found objects suggesting Indian shamans buried beneath talismans and fetishes. Besides making his art, he is also known for art cars which he embellishes. Most recently he has become known as the Temple Builder at Burning Man. His work can be found in major museum collections. Locally his work can be seen at diRosa Preserve in Napa.

David Best

David Best


Temple of Remembrance (2013)

The Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation is proud to sponsor a unique project by internationally known Temple Builder David Best. David is renowned for his ephemeral temples, wooden structures that live for months, weeks, or sometimes just days, and are then burned to release emotions and generate community.

Temple of Remembrance 2012

There are certain things that a temple has to do in order to give you the freedom to release the demons that you have. It has to have a certain type of beauty.  It has to be so beautiful, and now we are talking about the philosophy of art.  It has to be so beautiful that you are about to give up the thing that has been haunting you most of your life.  – David Best

May 20, 2012

The Temple of Remembrance was burned in March 2013 in accordance with its intended life cycle. It was a celebration of release and renewal.

The Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation, working with Temple Builder David Best, will create a more enduring temple in the meadow at Paradise Ridge Winery.

The new temple, to be dedicated later in 2013, will be built from steel, brass and wood and will have a longer life cycle than the ephemeral temples made primarily from wood.

The new space will be a vessel for hopes and dreams, memories and wishes. We invite you to share our vision. We are currently raising funds for the new temple. Email us for more information.

Judy Voigt
Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation

VIDEO:  David Best on the Impact of his Burning Man temples