Curatorial Statement 


Curator’s Statement:  The Spirit of the Man Exhibition

The first year of The Spirit of the Man exhibition has been an incredible experience and frankly the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation is not ready for it to end. Nor is the public ready from what I hear, so the exhibition has been extended for a second year.  It’s not exactly the same; curatorial changes have been made. Three works sold from the first year and will go to Spokane, Washington to grace a new recreational trail. Congratulations to Roger Berry’s Bulldozer, Peter Forakis’ Millennium Mobius and Mario Uribe’s Al’s Cube. The sculptures are three strong statements that will be missed. Fortunately, two of the three artists, Uribe and Forakis will continue to be represented with pieces new to the exhibition. Another major change involves the Temple of Remembrance which was burned in March of 2013 in a celebration of release and renewal.

Some changes involve new additions. A major new element to the show is Robert Ellison’s massive Four Times Daily. Al Voigt visited Four Times Daily with Robert when it was at the site of the former Marin Design Center. It was a piece that excited Al. He loved a challenge and wanted to help Robert find a new home for the piece, which Robert considered his most significant work. Sadly we lost both men before the sculpture came to Paradise Ridge Winery, restored and on view to the public; something for which both had strived.

Other new works represented in the second year of the exhibition include Breakaway by Mark Stasz, newly relocated to Sonoma County from the northwest; and three emerging artists – Sean Paul Lorentz, Eli Slaydon and Drew Prestis. Al would have appreciated Mark’s combination of materials and his bold artistic design. He would have encouraged our emerging artists whose work encompasses abstract design, human form and celestial references.

Changes also include the relocation of a few works. Penny Michel, Ray Beldner, Rebecca Nase Chomyn and Arnie Voigt’s works are in new locations. Artist Bryan Tedrick added a new work (Sirbent) to the meadow, and Ned Kahn switched a water piece for a Wind Fence. Black Bird Bench (Red), from the Voigt ranch has also been included.

And finally, changes will continue when a new temple designed by David Best in collaboration with the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation team is installed later this year. There is more change to come so we encourage you to visit the exhibition often. As the seasons change so does the experience of seeing these sculptures in the beautiful natural setting of Paradise Ridge.

It’s still The Spirit of the Man, with a renewed spirit.

Debra Lehane

Curator, Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation